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Myers Foundation

For Indigent Health Care and Community Development, Inc.

Belzoni & Tchula, Mississippi

"...And let us not grow weary in well doing." Galations 6:9

Reverend Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D.  & Sylvia Holmes-Myers
Founders - 1990


Mississippi Black Physicians Claim AMA Apology Falls Short

Former AMA President Should Apologize to Mississippi Black Physicians

201 N. George Lee Avenue    P.O. Box 269
Belzoni, MS 39038
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A Nurse Responds to Hurricane Katrina    Winter 2006

Myers Home
Photograph of the mobile home of the Myers Family in Belzoni, Mississippi
with the roof covered with plastic after being damaged by Katrina. Two tornados
recently touched down in Belzoni causing one death as a result of hurricane Rita.

Click below to read these great stories about Hurricane Katrina
relief efforts through the Myers Foundation!

Cininnati Pastor Arrives to Help Refuges

By David Lush     September 6, 2005

Pastor Wheeler
David Lush, Photographer, Greenville, MS
Pastor Steven K. Wheeler (right), of Cincinnati with Impact
Christian Ministries, chats with Dr. Ronald Myers of the Myers
Foundation while Billy "Wild Bill" Smiley (left) looks on.

Pastor Wheeler1
Pastor Steven K. Wheeler (2nd from right) and members of Impact
Christian Ministries with donated items from Cincinnati.

Click to see the provocative:
Robin Roberts Interview of Dr. Myers!

January 26, 2005

Please help Dr. Myers keep his health ministry to
the poorest of the poor in America functioning by keeping the
Myers Foundation Christian Family Health Centers open!

Myers Home
Dr. Myers (right) treating an elderly patient (left) in Tchula, Mississippi
during a recent house visit with People Magazine.

Healing the Past

By Bob Meadows     September 13, 2004

Rural Doctor's Struggle to Care for the Poorest

By Peter Applebome     January 12, 1990

The Mission   

The Myers foundation for Indigent Health Care and Community Development is a charitable Christian Foundation, established in 1990, to demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through holistic ministry to the poor in rural America. Presently, efforts are concentrated in Mississippi.

We seek to accomplish this through programs which develop individuals, families and communities, empowering them to reach their full potential in Christ. As pioneers in Christian community development, our goals include the creation of a health ministry that meets the needs of the community and works with churches to educate people about the importance of preventive medicine and maintaining healthy life-styles.

The Founders

Dr. Myers and his wife, Sylvia founded the Family Health Center of Tchula and The Myers Foundation. Dr. Myers is an ordained Baptist Minister, commissioned medical missionary and accomplished jazz musician.

After completing his residency in Family Medicine at L.S.U. Medical Center, Charity Hospital in Bogalusa, Louisiana, Dr. Myers began his health ministry in the Mississippi Delta town of Belzoni, located in Humphreys County, in 1988. Humphreys County had the highest infant mortality rate for any county in the state. Mississippi had the highest infant mortality rate for any state at the time in the country. Tchula, a poor town located 22 miles from Belzoni in Holmes County, had no physician. Belzoni at least had a hospital and several physicians.

Despite opposition from public health officials who felt Tchula was too poor to support a doctor, Dr. Myers and Sylvia, moved by the need for health care, took a bold step of faith in Christ and established a health center in Tchula in 1989. Without any government grants or assistance, they went into debt renovating an abandoned restaurant into a modern health facility. The Myers Foundation was established to meet the needs of the health center and provide an avenue of support for other health ministries with a similar mission.


Dr. Myers says:

"Health care is becoming more difficult for people to afford and access in America. This is especially true in poor rural areas. God wants us to dedicate our lives to Him and serve the medical needs of others, touching lives for Christ."



Music For Medicine Delta Aid Jazz Concert Series

Jazz musician, minister and physician, Ron Myers, has dedicated his life to serving others in America's poorest region, the Mississippi Delta. Funds raised through Music For Medicine, Delta Aid Benefit Jazz Concerts supports the ministry of Dr. Myers through the Myers Foundation. The critically acclaimed original CD and cassette sound track, "Doctors Orders" (MOJA Records), featuring original compositions written and performed by Dr. Myers at Music For Medicine Concerts, are available for purchase as a donation to the Myers Foundation. CD's are $17.50 and cassettes are $12.50 (includes $2.50 for postage and handling).

Dr. Myers says:

"Jazz, African-American classical music, is an original American art form. It was created in America. What a privilege to play jazz as a means of raising funds to help provide health care for the disadvantaged in America!" Dr. Myers conducts motivational workshops and seminars in schools to inspire students to reach their highest potential and challenge them to serve others in their community while visting an area during Music For Medicine concerts.

Dr. Myers says:

"Whenever I'm in town to perform, I visit schools to motivate young people and encourage them to reach their greatest goals and dreams."

Horn In The Corn
"Horn in the Corn"
Bill Johnson, Photographer    Greenville, Mississippi

wpe7.jpg (45880 bytes)

Support the Myers Foundation - purchase this CD by Dr. Myers today!
$15.00 (plus postage and handling)
Click to ORDER today!
(Allow 2-3 weeks delivery)

New York Times, 1990

"There aren't many doctors like Ronald Myers, a jazz-playing Baptist preaching family practitioner, whose dream has always been to practice medicine in the kind of place other doctors wouldn't even stop for a tank of gas."

Statement of Faith The Lord Jesus Christ, God's son, redeems us through His death and resurrection and empowers us by the Holy Spirit. The Bible is God's Word and through it we are called to live out justice, reconciliation, serve the poor and redemption. The church nurtures God's people gathered in community to carry out God's Word.

Annual Christian Medical Missions Conference

The Myers Foundation host an annual medical missions conference. The 9th Annual "TCHULA 2004" Mississippi Delta Medical Missions Conference will be held July 22-25, 2004, at the Ramada Inn, in Greenville, Mississippi. The conference will include site visits to the Myers Foundation Christian Family Health Centers located in Tchula, Belzoni, Greenville and Indianola. The conference will also include the National Day of Prayer for the Mississippi Delta. There will also be worship services at AGAPE STORGE CHRISTIAN CENTER, Thomas Paul Williams, Pastor, Greenville, Mississippi.

Support The Myers Foundation Today!

We need your support to keep the dream of health care alive in poor rural communities in the Mississippi Delta like Tchula.


The Myers Foundation is moving by faith to establish a medical mission in Africa! Dr. Myers is planning, by the grace of God, to travel to Africa every year to provide health care in some of the poorest rural areas in poverty stricken Africa. We are trusting God for the financial blessings to purchase land and build a health facility in Africa. Dr. Myers will be working with physicians like Dr. Michael Johnson, a general surgeon and medical missionary in Nairobi, Kenya.

We need your prayers and continued financial support for our medical mission efforts in Africa!

Please DONATE to the

Words From the Medical Mission Field in Africa

The Sower’s Sad Seeds in Sudan

By Michael Johnson, M.D.
General Surgeon & Medical Missionary
Nairobi, Kenya   February 12, 2005

Please e-mail to with any comments or suggestions.

Thank You,
Dr. Myers & Sylvia Homles-Myers

The Myers Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 637
Tchula, Mississippi 39169
Office (662) 235-4227 or Home (662) 247-3364 or Fax (662) 247-4767

Locations of the

15548 Hwy. 49 East, Suite A
P.O. Box 637
Tchula, MS 39169
662-247-4767 Fax

201 N. George Lee Avenue
P.O. Box 269
Belzoni, MS 39038
662-247-4767 Fax

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