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                         Celebration of Freedom


Juneteenth Education
It is not enough to celebrate freedom, if we can not understand the meaning of freedom. No person is truly free unless they can read and write.

It is the goal of the Juneteenth Education Initiative to provide support services and  learning opportunities that incorporates the history of Juneteenth into the school curriculum. In addition, NJOF believes that all Americans students should have access to a complete education.  NJOF defines a student as any individual of any age who desires to learn.   Rather than dwell on the inconsistency and disproportionate education system, NJOF offers a solution.  The NJOF Education Initiative will:

                        1.  Provide Juneteenth history to any and all schools enhancing their curriculum of American History.

                        2.  Promote affordable computers for all families.

                        3.  Provide computers for students who represent responsibility with the desire to learn and become successful.

                        4.  Promote low cost educational tools.

                        5.  Promote a mentoring program to assist students.

                        6.  Provide scholarships to help students achieve their educational goals.

The NJOF Education Initiatives needs your help. We welcome you thoughts and ideas as to what is needed to promote education in your family or community. If you are interested in volunteering fill out the comment section below and tell us your ideas and how you can help.

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